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      [ Sustainable ]
      VSC people together , innovative, relentless pursuit of the practice of "customer satisfaction , happy to colleagues , business wins Italian " concept and create sustainable business .

      [ Customer satisfaction ]
      What business is , what production, enterprises can thrive , is determined by the customer , the customer is the cornerstone and lifeblood of business . VSC people with honest attitude, excellent quality, perfect service , to attract customers , gather customers, create customer towards sustainable development.

      [ Happy ] colleagues
      Adhering to the " people-oriented " concept, VSC focus on creating an intelligence colleagues to fully utilize the full realization of career development environment , allowing colleagues to work together with business success , share the results and create a " family business " , into sustainable development.

      [Business wins Italian ]
      VSC people insist on honesty , sound management, attention to social responsibility , the implementation of full participation, team cohesion forces , creating good customer wind assessment , deep and sincere colleagues attribution and excellent operating performance , to build a world -renowned brand, to achieve sustainable development .